We’ve Got This.

We refuse to let anything slow us down.
Because we refuse to let you down. Ever.

Freight services you can count on
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Drive With Us You’re our greatest asset. So, we treat you like it. Every day.
Ship With Us 24/7 service you can always count on. We always deliver.
Work With Us At SET you can learn, grow and really get your career moving.

Whatever It Takes.

You need freight services you can count on — and that’s why you should partner with SET Logistics for all your transportation needs.

Our extensive range of services and advanced technology give you the transportation solutions you need plus the visibility you want. While our experienced team and vast nationwide network ensures your shipments will get where they need to be, on time, every time.

Have unique shipping needs?

We have extensive expertise with open-deck, oversized and specialized shipments. Basically, if you need to ship it, we can do it. We’ll be honest: we’re not necessarily the cheapest. We aren’t a discount, low-cost carrier. What we are is a partner you can count on. So you can ship with confidence. That’s worth every penny.